Things to Consider While Writing Email Newsletters and Get Maximum Traction


Even though a person receives at least 88 emails, daily email is still considered one of a company’s most effective marketing strategies. On average, 24% is the open rate for marketing email across different industries, and the average click-through rate is around 4%. You can expect four visits for every 100 emails you send. But that is not the case all the time. If the recipients are not reading or not being attracted to act upon, you are not going to see a lot of return on investment.

But you don’t have to worry because here you can get all the ideas about how to write an attractive Email newsletter for your target audience.

Only send a newsletter when you have something good to say

Several companies believe that a newsletter is something they need to create and distribute routinely, irrespective of what they do not need to say. The media houses do have such struggles – such as they are required to produce all of their content on a daily basis. However, here business plays a different role as they are supposed to publish content as per the airtime to fulfil the advertisers’ targets. If you follow this model, then you are most likely to lose out on subscribers. You must ensure you send emails only when you have something good to say.

Keep your emails simple and focused

You have to tell your subscribers the price of the company names and then share some new content. Are you after just tempting people with one offer? You should always choose one topic and stick to the same. You should only load your emails with so much content that the subscribers would have a lot of time to establish whether they have to read the entire or find out if they are interested. If you need to include extra topics, ensure that you do it after the main subject is over.

Write one excellent copy

Topic merits surely a mention because if you get poorly written email newsletters, you will not read them. Lousy copy, weather industry email or any other marketing element will turn off your target audience to a great extent. It looks unprofessional and says that if you do not carefully stop at the worst, it will damage the credibility and trust of the subscribers. If you are not a good copywriter, you must take a course to improve and hire somebody to do content for you.

Always write the copy consistently

Only some people would like to read 500 word emails irrespective of the quality of the writing. It means that you need to make the most of your ability to summarise your information and create clear calls to action to attract your target audience and find out more.

Punchlines is a must

We all know that the retention span of people today has really gone down. Hence, this is why it is important to incorporate punchlines. The shorter the lines the more impactful it will be for the readers, but at the same time, it should make sense and have a proper meaning attached to it.

You need to go easy on sales

Most of the emails you get from the brands will be about pushing offers down the throat. If it is genuinely an offer for something you are interested in. Unfortunately, that’s only sometimes the case. There is a time and place for pushing offers in emails, then. It would be best if you did it often, and your audience is going to suffer from tiredness.

Your target audience will start ignoring the offers and will not even read your emails ahead. Hence you need to come up with balanced sales-focused emails featuring educational content. Use the majority of the newsletters to promote your content which will help the subscribers, to reserve the sales emails for some amazing offers which you would be proud to announce.

It would be best if you allowed the subscribers to choose the type and frequency of the content you want. Customising the subscriber’s choices will decrease the email frequency irrelevant to the interest and increase the number of emails they would eventually like to read. Lastly, remember to invest in the design.


The quality of the copy does not play a crucial role in the design and needs to align with the content. Designing the email reads well and looks good is easier than ever. It would be best if you involved the designers in the newsletters. You don’t necessarily need to create an email, but you have to think about design.

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