Deadpool Website Design and Development


Do you ever look at your browsing history on your browser? How many websites do you look at each day? For me, the answer is not many. It seems that some big players have hijacked the internet in the modern world. But you can direct traffic away from these big players and back to your website through innovation and new thinking.

With over a billion websites on the internet, you sometimes feel like you need a game of thrones type superhero act to get your website noticed. However, there are some practical ways in which you can increase traffic to your website. Read on to learn more.

Templates Are A no-no

website design that uses a template is predictable and boring. It offers nothing attractive and often the reader won’t go past one or two clicks before they exit the site. There are many sites and apps that offer an array of standard cut and paste websites with optional theme colours.

After 30 years of the modern internet, the consumer demands more than a cut and paste template website. You need to hire a professional web designer that is experienced in the development of websites that are attractive.

Use The 3-click Rule

The 3 click rule is that a reader needs to be able to find their designed item or information within 3 clicks of the homepage. If the reader goes beyond 3 clicks they begin to lose interest. Psychologists have concluded this in tests done with online shoppers.

The shopper was more likely to make a purchase where the online shopper was only required to make a maximum three navigations (not including scrolling) to locate the product. You will also need to consider this when adding search words to each product to make sure the online shopper is able to locate the desired item in a search.

Don’t Be Tempted To Use Pop-ups

Yeah sure, they may make you a few more dollars but having pop up ads appear on your website like Deadpool in rescue scene, does not create comfort for the reader. It is an extra click that usually drives them away from your website.

Like pop up advertisements, sound files, especially on your home page, are often a big turn off for customers. Keep the home page straight forward. Make is appealing but with no surprises and you will keep the customer on your website.

Include SEO And Adwords

You need to get your website as high as possible in the Google listing. Using Search Engine Optimisation practices, you need to include product reviews and stories about relevant issues on your website.

In these stories, you include the keywords of your search criteria and ensure the development of constant themes in your writing.

Advertising Your Website

Website design and development is no good without getting people into your website. Advertising on the mainstream sites is a necessary part of modern business.

Facebook, Google and many other sites offer advertising to target markets that allow your products and website to be seen by new audiences everyday.

Use Links In Your Articles And Product On Your Website Unless you are new to the industry, you will be aware that external links increases the popularity of your website on Google.

So, create a YouTube channel or find review videos of your products and include them in your sale pages and stories. Find specification sheets for items you sell and add the links to your shopping sites.

Use Online Stores And Social Media

Before you delete your Amazon or Ebay account, stop. The big name websites are very important for directing traffic to your website. You need them. The use of Google, Facebook as well as Instagram and online stores creates a portal for people to become aware of your website.

You may have to pay for them but online stores such as Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay, Lazada and many others are an important channel for business. Here, you find customers who are interested in your product. Sure, your first sale might have a lower profit but if you form a relationship with those customers, they are more likely to return direct to your website and not the shopping portal.

One thing many seem to forget is that you are not a superhero like Deadpool. Creating a high demand website takes innovation, time and money. However, with passion and a long term goal, you can create a solid business around your website. Start with a plan and a good website design and development.