Essential Information to Know About Landing Pages

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When you browse around the Internet, you visit various landing pages. A landing page can be a designated page where you would be taken to when you click on an ad. It can also be the page that follows a call-to-action option or serves as a homepage to any website. Irrespective of how you land on the landing page, the purpose is to encourage you to convert to a lead or a customer.

The landing pages are uniquely powerful elements of a company’s digital marketing strategy. However, if you want to design the best landing page, then you should look no further as you can connect with our team at Dot H Digital.

Basics about landing page

A landing page is ideally a website page that has a specific purpose and objective of the landing pages to convert the visitors to leads. Even though there are different types of landing pages, the intent of the aim is the same, to get maximum leads. The landing pages contain various lead forms that ask the visitors for their contact information in exchange for something of value, otherwise known as an offer.

Reasons you need a landing page

A landing page removes restrictions by removing navigation competing links and alternate options so you can capture the visitor’s undivided attention. Complete attention means you can guide your visitor where you would like them to go, that is, to your lead form. Landing pages are ideally designed to create conversions.

Landing pages best practices

1) Craft benefit-focused headline

For every ten users that visit your landing page, at least 7 of them are likely to bounce off the page, and to keep the number low; your visitors need to know what’s in it for them within seconds of arriving. Your headline is ideally the first thing people notice or read, so it must be clear and concise. It should communicate the value of your landing page and offer. We will help you craft a focused headline.

2) Choose an image

And images are compulsory, and they must represent your target audience. The main aim of the photos is to convey a feeling that should illustrate how your visitors will feel once they see the offer. But, of course, some images might work better than the others, so you always need to split test your options.

3) Write a great copy

When you choose us, we will not spend all the time crafting the perfect headline or finding the ideal image to fall flat when it comes to the words that will sell your call to action. Instead, we ensure that the copy is clear and concise and guides visitors to the action you want them to complete.

Compelling copy also speaks directly to the visitors by using you, and you’re to make them feel engaged.

4) Include the lead form

Our experts will ensure that we have a lead form on the landing page. Above the fold is added to the page, which means visitors do not have to scroll to get to the farm. That’s it in the view as soon as someone visits your page. It could be a form or anchor link to the farm. You need to design the form to scroll with the user as they move down the page.

5) Add a clear call to action

The call to action is ideally one of the most critical elements on your landing page. The CTA button needs to stand out, meaning it must be used colour contrasting with other elements on the page. We are clear on these terms, and we will use the same in an action verb that spells out for them, like submit, download or get it now.

6) Giveaway relevant offer

We will discuss this with you as you have to think about your landing page as part of your lead’s journey to the ultimate offer of your product or service. Your offer is something you gave in exchange for your lead’s personal information. Therefore, we will ensure that the offer is compelling enough for the visitor to provide their contact info relevant to your business.

7) Ask for what you need

Companies often want to gather as many details as possible about the lead but how much you ask for depends on different factors. You need to ask for acetal info as you need in the lead form to create a low barrier to entry. To nurture a lead, all you need is the name and the email address of the visitor.

8) Make the page responsive

At Dot H Digital, we will ensure that the landing page, like any other page, is responsive to accommodate the viewing experience. It would be best if you give your visitors every possible opportunity to convert no matter how they view your page. We will help you use different tools that make it easy to create mobile-optimized landing pages.

Hence when you choose Dot H Digital, you can learn everything about landing pages.

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