Everything about Google Broad Core Update May 2022


Core updates occur regularly throughout the year and are significant revisions to an organization’s overall ranking system. The main goal of these updates is to make search results more relevant and helpful to everyone. Websites may experience noticeable changes as a result of core updates. Many SEO experts were perplexed when Google announced a significant shift in its core algorithm.

Previously, Good Signals helped brands and organizations navigate the rollouts of previous core updates with their core update guide and worked with them to recover from any resulting rankings drops.

Broad Core Update: What is it?

Every four to six months, Google’s broad core algorithm updates bring a period of volatile SERPs (search engine results pages). But what are they exactly?

Google is constantly updating its entire search algorithm with broad core updates. It doesn’t matter if people are from a particular country, language, or region; this is universal. Core updates are changes to improve search overall and keep pace with the changing nature of the web,” Google explains in a statement. It’s possible, but not likely, that these updates will significantly impact the performance of individual websites.

Knowing when these important updates are going to take place will help everyone to understand better why their analytics might suddenly show some unexpected changes in rankings.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no other types of Google updates. For example, the March 2022 Product Algorithm Update and the Page Experience Update for Desktop were released in March of this year.

For What Purpose Do Google Updates Occur?

Every broad core update moves Google closer to its goal of “organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful.”. The official mission statement of Google reads as follows. Google is attempting to level the playing field by boosting the rankings of sites that deserve to be seen with these updates.

This is because it is for those who are truly exceptional. Of course, this means that some websites and brands will have to drop for others to rise due to the nature of rankings. Neither has anyone done anything wrong, nor is Google punishing them. Simply put, it means that another website provides a more comprehensive response to a specific keyword query than theirs does at the moment.

If their rankings drop due to a core update, they haven’t done anything wrong and haven’t violated any webmaster guidelines, just in case.

Updates from Google aren’t necessarily a cause for concern but rather an opportunity.

Broad Core Update Effect on Websites

Some webmasters have decreased their search engine rankings, while others have significantly increased. As a result, the effects were not felt equally by all.

Keyword stuffers and low-quality content creators have seen their rankings plummet. Google has punished people who ranked even though their content was full of spam.

The top search results can only be found on websites with high-quality content and thoughtful internal linking.

It is hoped that Google will continue to improve its search results, regardless of the website’s authority. Low-quality content websites have fallen in search engine rankings.

After a Broad Core Algorithm Update, How to Recover

Many websites’ rankings were affected by the Broad core algorithm updates. Despite the attention paid to medical websites, Google’s broad core algorithm updates affected far more than just health-related websites, particularly in August 2018. Some people benefit from Google’s algorithm updates, while others lose out. Another site’s ranking decreases due to a rise in its ranking. There is no winner in the SEO game, and there never will be.

Google recommends that users produce high-quality content to get a high search engine ranking. Even though this message is frustrating for anyone in SEO looking for real insights, Google has provided many ideas and guidance over the years about how to create high-quality websites and content. Google’s message is: Producing high-quality content regularly is essential. The rankings will rise and improve if anyone else does that.

What Steps Should Be Taken If Rankings Drop Following Updates?

The next step is to gather intel (helpful information related to interest) on the pages ranking where their previous website was. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts can use this information to find positive links or connections between higher-ranking and lower-ranking pages. When analyzing the technical aspects of a website, don’t get bogged down in the nitty-gritty.

Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results when they search. When it comes to rankings, relevance always has the upper hand. Once the core algorithm update deems their content appropriate, they should take a closer look at it. They will have a clearer picture of what they must do in the future.

Focus on delivering:

  • It’s essential to understand the motivations of users.
  • High-quality material.
  • Streamlined layout.
  • Following Google’s policies.

Previous Updates:

The first significant update to the core was released in 2018 and covered a wide range of changes. Even at that time, it was made clear that websites could not fix anything. For the past few years, core updates have typically sparked speculation on the internet.

Several major core updates have been released, each with a distinctly different size and scope. The November 2021 core update was the most recent, but there had been back-to-back updates in June and July before that. In 2020, there will be three major revisions: in December, May, and January.

What Happened in the Past Broad Core Updates?

The last update was in November 2021. However, the June/July 2021 update is the most significant in terms of its impact on the website.

To make it more manageable for users, Google decided to split the rollout into two parts, launching the first part in June and then the second part in July. This was the first in a long time.

In the wake of Google Search’s broad core update in June/July 2021, data analysts noticed a significant amount of volatility in the performance of many websites.


When a user types in a search query into Google, the search engine does its best to return results that are relevant, unique, and of high quality. To arrive at the most relevant web page, more than 200 SEO factors are considered. Even if users reach the top of the rankings, keep working to make one’s website better because the second-place website will continue to improve. Everyone wants to be at the top of the search engine results page rankings. This is what a core update is all about.

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