How Popular Is Magento In 2020?


Magento, since its launch in 2008, has successfully made a name as one of the most reliable and highly flexible CMS platform preferred by leading e-commerce websites. The sophisticated framework of the platform offers its users the perfect blend of scalability, flexibility, and extensibility.

Magento, according to the latest reports, has acquired close to 12% online seller market with its open-source functionality and super customizable services. This article is a read on why Magento continues to maintain its mounting popularity in 2020.

As already mentioned, Magento has occupied a significant chunk of the market by offering unmatched flexibility and a superlative degree of customization. It also offers alluring features, such as SEO-dedicated modules, email lists, CMS for static pages, multi-store facility, multi-tier pricing, private sales, and the list goes on. That’s why 1% of global websites choose Magento as their relied partner. Imagine 1% of 15 billion websites!

The user-friendly interface, smooth integration with 3rd party software, highly-responsive design make it a go-to choice for e-commerce players. What adds to the platform’s demand is also the fact that with its multiple deployment choices, it lets e-commerce shoppers have an unparalleled delightful & engaging shopping experience.

Magento, as an open-source e-commerce platform benefits its users with rich features, such as maximum flexibility to manage content, looks, and functionality of their e-commerce store. Magento is the ultimate e-commerce solution with an authoritative blend of extremely scalable design and a wide-ranging support network.

According to the internet Retailer 1000, Magento has held Number 1 rank for four years in a row. It’s primarily because the platform enables e-businesses to address the changing needs of the market effectively. Also, according to, Magento holds 14% of the B2B market share. The website also indicates that it handles over $155 billion transactions every year.

With its latest version, Magento 2, the CMS platform intends to increase its market share and reach out to the unexplored regions.

Magento as a platform offers unlimited free and ready-made themes to e-commerce players. It helps you in creating your own design and integrating it with the Magento CMS. The visually-appealing template developed on the software will work perfectly across work across all devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and even mobile phones which are known as a fully-responsive theme. Thus it increases a business’s efficiency.

Magento Development lets you spread your business across the world. With multiple languages and currency enabled tech, it helps you serve a global customer base. It also enables users to upload unlimited products/categories within your E-commerce store.

A lot of e-com startups opt for Magento as their CMS platform because it gives them ample features almost free. Honestly, the free version may not have all of the features, yet it definitely lets you run a whole e-commerce store without any glitch. Being an open-source platform, it lets the user customize the website as per their business need. Integrated with world-class technicalities and being free to use and customize it around your business make Magento a winner.

Here are a few reasons why Magento is popular in 2020.

1. Flexible Navigation Option

Magento offers real great-looking, easy-to-use navigation menus that deliver a rich customer experience. Further, the software lets users customize their icons and images to enhance the visual appeal of the website to leave a lasting effect on the consumers.

2. Creating Simple & Configurable Products

Magento’s configurable product feature, users can help their online visitors in creating virtual samples. This in turn brings more web traffic, benefiting e-business.

3. Fast & Scalable Solution

The prime reason behind Magento’s huge popularity is the ease and fast response time. There is no e-com platform that can do better than Magento. The high-end caching technology on which the platform works helps reduce the page load time, improving the domain value. Not only this CMS offers a perfect online shopping destination for SMEs but is also equipped to handle large business pressure.

4. Excellent Default Response

As Magento incorporates HTML5, it automatically gives your online store not only an enhanced visual appeal but also an increased response rate, no matter what the device is- desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

5. Supports Multiple Website Stores

Most web platforms limit you to have only one store per account. With Magento, you can set up multiple stores that can be managed by a single admin, gaining access to stores’ inventory, orders, billing, and customer information simultaneously.

For the last 12 years, Magento has wooed users universally with its unmatched features. With a rise in the number of users going digital with their shopping routines, sellers & businesses have relied on Magento as it comes across as a reliable e-commerce platform.

Magento remains to stand as a winner clear winner amongst a lot of shop owners, e-commerce developers, merchants, and everyone who is looking forward to developing their e-commerce trade. We trust with this blog you have got an idea of why it stays a top choice for limitless e-businesses and why its latest version Magento 2 makes things better while you take a step closer to creating your online store.

The open-source Magento community brings millions of contributors on a single platform who innovate new tools to offer the avant-garde technologies that help even the simplest of businesses to grow by leaps and bounds.

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