5 Reasons You Too Need A WooCommerce Platform Integrated Into Your WordPress Site


What factors do you consider most critical before establishing an online business or store? If you are like most people, choosing between the numerous e-commerce platforms currently available can be quite a daunting task. But you don’t have to wade in this confusion as WordPress development professionals specializing in woocommerce development in Toronto are always ready to lend a hand. The free WordPress-biased plugin has all the extension and features necessary to get your brand online. And if that isn’t convincing enough, these five benefits of the plugin should inform you why it has become a global e-commerce sensation as well as why you need it too.

1. Easy to set up

Any e-commerce development company that has dealt with the various e-commerce platforms available can agree that Woocommerce remains one of the simplest platforms to set up and use. For instance, adding products to your online store is as easy as creating a post on any social media platform and adding pictures. Only that you also have to include the product description, price as well as other inventory control measures such as product category and stock status

You can also use the regular WordPress SEO for each of your products, just like you would any other post. The Woocommerce optional automatic order processing and inventory control also come in handy.

2. It is user-friendly

Just like in WordPress development, you don’t need prior knowledge of coding to get your e-commerce site going. The developers provide a set of easily customizable themes and extensions that you can use to set up a fully functional store in just a few hours. Literally, you are only a few clicks away from your e-commerce store with the WooCommerce plugin.

3. It is an e-commerce developed on WordPress

Woocommerce is free and open-sourced, but this doesn’t make it any rigid. On the contrary, the fact that it is open sourced means that it provides plenty of room for your online store and business customization. Back this up with diverse themes as well as extensions and be ready for the highest level of flexibility that perfectly fits your desired online store specifications. This explains the reason behind the WooCommerrce’s over 26 million downloads and 28% e-commerce market domination. (According to BuiltWith)

4. It integrates an online store within a website

Woocommerce capitalizes on most other e-commerce platforms primary failure by allowing for an all-inclusive store, website, and blog. In most cases, online sellers have been forced to set up related business websites and online stores independently, making marketing them both a hurdle. But with WooCommerce platform you can incorporate an online store within your site and alongside your already widely-accepted blog.

5. Professional and has room for growth

The fact that WooCommerce is free and open sourced doesn’t mean it is just quirkily designed. On the contrary, the platform embraces professionalism right from design styles to extensions. Plus the fact that it is open-sourced means that there is, even more, room for growth, as many developers work around the clock to maintain its competitiveness. Now and then, these developers will make improvements to the current extensions as well as come up with even more flexible and user-friendly designs.

Why you need help developing a converting WooCommerce store in Toronto

While WordPress website and its WooCommerce platform are readily available and free to the public domain for download and installation, matching the right style to your desired online store can be tricky. That’s why you need a professional e-commerce development company to help you set up an online store that’s not only professional, visible by the search engines but one that is also engineered to drive in converting traffic.

Plus remember that when it comes to WooCommerce development in Toronto, you need a company that’s familiar with most of the WordPress themes and extensions favorable to the local and regional markets. A company that knows when to purchase themes and when to customize a free one. And at the end of it all, you not end up with a professionally appealing e-commerce store fast and inexpensively.

Bottom line

E-commerce has gone on to become a source of livelihood for millions of individuals across the globe taking it on as a full time or part time engagement. And if you have set out on a similar path using WooCommerce, you are on the right track. Nonetheless, it isn’t enough to just think of venturing into the trade through WooCommerce; you need a thorough understanding of the platform’s benefits, as well as how to exploit them. And when you can’t figure it out in time, contact WooCommerce / E-Commerce development professionals in Toronto.