5 Reasons Startup Needs A Custom Website Development

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You probably have been performing incredibly well, as a startup or even as an established business, without a professional website. But have you stopped to think what boost your already phenomenon sales would receive from a custom website? And this doesn’t just mean an electronic version of your sales brochure. But a carefully-strategized site solely designed to engage, inform and convert your online audience to potential sales. This guide helps you identify what you might be missing out on due to lack of a business website in addition to listing down the various must-have features of a professional site. Here are the benefits of a Custom Website Development.

1. Boosts your brand authority

With the world finally turning into the envisioned global village, such marketing tactics as word of mouth and direct mails are now obsolete. Today, attention has shifted to the internet to not only check available products and services for sale but to check brand authenticity. And you won’t achieve this with a Facebook page. You need a more authoritative and serious business outlook in the face of your potential customers. Such authority can only be achieved through the Custom Website Development or update of your exiting company website.

2. Increase business visibility

Both online and offline businesses ranking on the first page of the main search engines like Google are always testifying about the massive traffic and sales such rankings bring their way. And you too can, but first, you need a professionally designed and interactive website. Otherwise, you are invisible to the online market. The saddest part is that you aren’t just invisible; you are also missing big on the already burgeoning online market. And being in a century where customers first search online before buying offline, you just can’t afford to be invisible.

3. It is cost effective

Understandably, most start-ups are cash strapped. With so much at hand and yet too little finances, each dime counts. Nonetheless, if they are to achieve any returns on investments, marketing has to be given priority. But it’s not just any other form of marketing. Unlike the traditional direct mails or newspaper and television ads for opening a business, you can do it from home if you have an appropriately customized website. If you are to achieve this level of exposure, you need a professional wholesale package in web development and maintenance as well as excellent multi-platform solution and technical support.

4. Helps you beat or catch up with competition

One of the best things about the internet is that it has a funny way of leveling businesses. In most cases, it isn’t about the size of the company behind the face of the website, but the professionalism involved in crafting the site. Professionalism and rich web content not the size of business gets you views and conversions. Therefore, your small startup can leverage on this grounds so as to catch up with big-name companies within the industry or even outshine them. If you have an established business website with continually dwindling website conversions, consider updating or redesigning your site.

5. Helps amplify your other online marketing strategies

From Pinterest to Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and Yelp; almost every business has an active marketing campaign on either or all of these platforms. But it all trickles down to the company website in the determination of sales conversations. Each of these marketing platforms, with their sales levels notwithstanding, should be used to complement a business site and not the vice versa.

Must have features for a new or active business website

Not long ago, website design involved no more than picking a suitable template, slapping your content on it, and waiting for it to rank. Today, however, different Google search algorithm changes have redefined the webs design sphere thereby making the entire process quite overwhelming. Nonetheless, when looking for a professional website designer, ensure they can include the following must have features into your new or updated company website:

  • Proper navigation tools
  • Incorporation of an SSL site security certificate
  • Social media integration tool to all your social media pages
  • Mobile friendly version
  • Reliable hosting

Bottom line

A custom website development is a great way of positioning your new business online. It not only helps you establish your brand and boost its visibility but also helps you site catch up with competition at an affordable price. Nonetheless, all these will not be possible if the custom website isn’t professionally designed to include all the must-have features such as security adherence and mobile-friendliness as per Google’ s terms of service. Take the first step towards an optimized business website or Custom Website Development in Toronto by calling us at +1 289-800-5363