Steps on How the Right Web Design Can Help in Increasing Sales:

From the smaller start-up to the most prominent company, an online website is generally the soul of your business.Digital marketing plays a crucial role and with the help of digital strategies you can improve user experience and website performance to enhance sales.

But a question here is whether a suitable design helps improve the sales of your business or not. If you are planning to go online, you should connect with experts who will help you design your website quickly, which will improve your business to a great extent.

It is important to have a team of designers who understand the design elements and will ensure that your site has all the elements that are important to increase conversions.

Best Web Design Strategies to Enhance the Sales

With the help of best web design strategies,businesses can drastically maximize their ROI.

Quick Navigation:

Make it quick and easy for your clients to find your product with clear and concise navigation. The first step you need to incorporate to increase online sales is adding all important term in Top menu, which will allow your users to get the information they are looking for.

Cohesive Colours and Fonts:

With endless amounts of font and colour combinations available, it can be challenging to choose a few. However, you don’t need to stress when you choose us, as our experts will help you stick to 2 to 3 colours and ensure that one font is used throughout the website to denote importance and allow users to navigate the site easily. These rules help improve the user experience, which will help encourage the users to stay on your website longer and convert into sales.

Including Infographics:

If your business shares a lot of statical content, then this might be interesting and important for you. However, website users find it challenging to understand statistics; instead, we will help you incorporate infographics to display the statistical information in a more digestible way to your users. Users are most likely to read your entire infographic during a whole page of content.

Customer Testimonials:

You need to include logos of awards your business has received from NTS and your users. When you add customer testimonials, you can showcase your business’s customer service and expertise. They can also help a user choose your business over a competitor.

A Clear Call to Action:

Experts ensure that theCTA button serves as the clear, actionable step toward a conversion. This button design is enticing and strategically placed to make visitors click through the next step.

Monitor Mobile Responsiveness:

Mobile traffic accounts for at least 16% of web traffic. We will help you monitor your mobile responsiveness and ensure that you capture your target audience on mobile devices. Currently, several people are using the Internet on their mobile phones only, so business needs to focus on creating mobile-friendly websites. You are most likely losing a lot of clients and sales if your website is not mobile-friendly. Customers like it when they prefer to see the websites, even on their smartphones, so you need to allow your customers to visit the website. In addition, several websites are well optimized for mobile devices, which encourages several customers to come to your website and purchase things. We will ensure that it aligns with the mobile-friendliness feature when you choose us for website design.

Making it Quick:Website speed also plays a crucial role in greater customer satisfaction. Customers like operating those websites which are speedy and working at great conversions. At least 52% of the customers are loyal when they find high-speed websites, and 47% of the shop expects the website to open in less than 2 seconds. People tend to lose interest in seeing the website if there is too much delay or it is not opening instantly. Your customers will be satisfied and recommend your website to their friends and family if you give your customers the best speed. If you expect great speed for your website, you must choose us.

Decluttering the Website:

You must make the right decision to boost your business sales. If you end up giving too many ads and offers, you might bore your customers, and they will be distracted from buying what they want. You need to be counterproductive and have the best for your customers to realize how good your sales are.

Turn your website into Revenue Generation Tool

While some blogs are able to make 1000s of dollars, many others are finding out how to make one penny from their site. There are some key points that you have to keep in mind while developing the site that’ll help turn your website into revenue generation tool for your company. If you want to know what the real magic verse is, understand the following article.

1) Missing Leads

If you want to take your business online and increase the radius of your customers, you must know how revenue generation websites are made. When your business site is online, it would be the first stop of unfamiliar customers to your products or services. And, while developing the site, you have to keep in mind that not only you are giving them a chance to know your company, you have to turn them into the company’s paying customers.

A company website plays an important role in developing sales, but only if it is crafted in this way, otherwise you will be having missing lead and no revenue through the site.

2) Online conversion

With the help of content in your site, you have to convince the site visitors about your products. You’ll have to self-direct every visitor to find the potential buyers in the online crowd. Rather than the content on your site, online conversion keeps its utter importance as well.

There is no better option to gain the revenue through your site than Online Conversion. Provide 24/7 helpline on your website. This will make sure that your online visitors get closer to the sales staff and know what they need to know about your products.

3) Call to action

After reading up the full preview regarding the products on your site, customers search for what to do next, how they can get that service or product. Provide a complete call to action info on your site to turn your website into revenue generation tool. Provide a nearby local location address or any ecommerce service option, to make sure they buy that product they are looking for, otherwise they will just read it and leave.

4) Customer Engagement

Remember, customer engagement doesn’t mean that you start movie news, gossip column or set up any online game on your site. Never go there. Customer engagement is a tactic you use through the content on your site. The content on your site regarding any product or your site should be engaging. Write the content involving both the professional and friendly tone. Try to create understanding with the customers about your products in a friendly way. This will convince the customers that your company is the legit one, and they will prefer you over others.

5) Potential lead to Actual customers

“The Customer Service” is the convertor of potential lead to actual customers. Whether your site is in early stages or you are running a huge online site, you should always give customer service the top priority.

When the customer gets satisfied with the product’s description, then he/she tries to reach to the company’s sales staff and if they have to wait there for even 10 to 15 minutes, the company loses its customer. So, always keep up the standard of your customer service, this is what that takes a minor company to become a business tycoon.

6) Know your Lead and requirement

Knowing the customers will help you greatly in making the regular customers. Try to offer the visitors of the site the newsletter service. Give ‘Subscribe Us’ option on your site, this will let you know the data of the leads your site is producing. You can also try to show up extra questionnaire. It will also give you the complete insight about what the lead is expecting from you. By analyzing the data, you’ll be able to track your customers and find out their other requirements.

Nurturing the leads will increase the revenue of your company exponentially. And if your company is still in starting phase, start a website online and apply these techniques, it’ll be a real breakthrough to make your company stronger.

To take a company to the peak of the popularity, all a businessman has to do is strike the needs of the customer. When you take the lead management of your site seriously, it’ll turn your website into revenue generation tool. Managing the lead properly gives you a real buyer.

Landing page- An effective Marketing Tool

A landing page is a page which has a discrete identity, separate from the main website it is attached to. It receives traffic independently and is designed for a specific marketing cause. A landing page makes the visitor focus entirely on the action/product. The user directly reaches the page without having to surf the intermediate pages. This reduces his search time and also gives a boost to the SEO rankings of the page.

How do landing pages work?

There are a number of marketing arsenals that lead you to a landing page. Emails, referral traffic, direct traffic, and blogs are some great channels that can directly lead the visitor to a landing page. You could directly share the links of your landing pages in various marketing channels. The visitor can directly land on the page, get appropriate information and leave. There is no fear of getting lost in the vast amount of data available online.

Reasons of using a landing page:

Generates leads – A landing page enables the visitor to find the exact information he is looking for. This mechanism helps in generating better leads. The sales team can further pursue the leads to convert to effective sales.

A defined area for offers – The marketing offers and discounts that are offered by any website get totally lost in the numerous pages. If these offers are specified on the landing pages, the visitors can access them easily and take full advantage of the marketing deals.

Informs you about your marketing campaign success rate – The landing page carries a single motive. So, the team can track all the leads on this page more effectively. Moreover, the sales team can analyze the leads that are actually converted and can concentrate on that segment in future.

Useful for SEO, PPO, and CRO – Landing pages can be used as marketing tools and can be shared on social media and linked to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. These landing pages are effective SEO tools and boost the rankings with every click. Landing pages play a very important role in convincing customers to make the final buying decision. The conversion is not guaranteed, but landing pages are an important tool for CRO (conversion-rate-optimization).

Important components of a landing page:

Some of the Content Marketing for a website is blogs, videos, and images. These should be used in the landing pages to convey information more effectively.

The Title – The headline/title should be clear and concise stating the purpose of the page and informing the users about all the offers it is giving away.

Keywords – Keywords are extremely important as they form an important tool in SEO. It is an inbound marketing content which should appear at the key places on the landing page.

Social media shares – These buttons enable the user to share the landing page on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This increases the viewership of the landing page.

Lead/ offer/ conversion form – This is a crucial part of the landing page. It is here that the visitors avail offer and convert to sales leads.

Images, videos, and blogs – Landing pages can inform the users about the products or services they are offering through images, videos or interesting blogs. These should be visually appealing and grasp the attention of visitors in just 8 seconds.

Therefore instead of directing the clicks to the homepage of the company, it should be directed to the landing page. This is the page where the user conveniently gets all the details he is looking for. The chances of these leads converting to sales are very high.

Why Content is Very Important to Boost Online Business?

The phrase “content is king” in reference to the importance of quality content for internet web pages is almost as old as the internet itself. In fact, the recent two Google algorithm updates—Panda and Penguin—dramatically altered the landscape of internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization. These updates favor websites that present valuable and relevant content to its readers and harshly penalize websites that resort to building spammy backlinks. In this post, we will focus on finding out just why content marketing is very important for internet marketing today.

Quality content adds value to your brand

Quality content that is interesting and easy to digest relate to the problems and emotions of your target customers best and will inspire them to take action. Simply put, content in internet marketing helps the target audience solve their problems. Incorporating original content creation in your internet marketing campaign is a sure way to attract prospective customers with a genuine offer to solve their problems, giving you an opportunity to turn them into loyal visitors and even paying customers.

Highly targeted content may take various forms including text, images, PowerPoint presentations, video, podcasts, emails, and infographics. These content will go a long way to improve the image of your brand, boost sales conversion, as well as retain customers.

Content marketing is an efficient way to build your brand

Content marketing involves creating, curating, and sharing quality content to build an audience and generate traffic and leads then convert them into sales. As the number of internet users rise and e-commerce flourishes, internet marketing has emerged as a more potent way to reach potential customers compared to traditional advertising.

Sites that offer good content that is both useful and easily readable grow their audience faster and their brands outperform those that do not invest in content creation. As a way to build your brand, you must incorporate a comprehensive and well-defined content marketing strategy in your business’ marketing goals.

Content presents several cost-effective channels to market your brand

Content creation as an internet marketing tool is the most preferred by businesses largely because it is cost-efficient and offers multiple platforms to promote content and generate traffic and leads. These include business website, blogs, social media, email newsletters, video sharing, white books, eBooks and reports, and press releases just to name a few. Considering that social media and other content sharing platforms are free to access, content marketing is a cost-effective option to share valuable information that directly or indirectly benefits your brand.

As buyers become wiser, the most effective internet marketing strategies are those that provide valuable information that consumers can rely on to make informed purchase decisions. These content sharing channels are the most depended upon by brand-centric consumers for advice and guidance to find the best products and brands they can trust.

Search engines and social media sites favor quality content

Facebook, the leading social media platform in the world with over a billion active users, recently rolled out an algorithm that roots out clickbait links and sub-par and stale content. This demonstrates just how far the company is taking its efforts to nurture quality content that benefits its users. As mentioned before, Google has always favored quality and original content in the way it ranks SERPs. Informative, useful, fresh, or inspirational content can go viral on social media, giving the brand that created it the much-needed “word of mouth” exposure, something that no ad can. For a brand to establish itself on social media, it must continuously create and share fresh and original content that will benefit the readers and impress the social media platforms they are shared on.

Big brands have realized just how beneficial content marketing is, and so should you. An effective strategy should focus on the on-going development of quality content and using all the available channels to share and promote such content. It is therefore justifiable to say that good content is the backbone of any internet marketing strategy a business develops.

5 Reasons Startup Needs A Custom Website Development

You probably have been performing incredibly well, as a startup or even as an established business, without a professional website. But have you stopped to think what boost your already phenomenon sales would receive from a custom website? And this doesn’t just mean an electronic version of your sales brochure. But a carefully-strategized site solely designed to engage, inform and convert your online audience to potential sales. This guide helps you identify what you might be missing out on due to lack of a business website in addition to listing down the various must-have features of a professional site. Here are the benefits of a Custom Website Development.

1. Boosts your brand authority

With the world finally turning into the envisioned global village, such marketing tactics as word of mouth and direct mails are now obsolete. Today, attention has shifted to the internet to not only check available products and services for sale but to check brand authenticity. And you won’t achieve this with a Facebook page. You need a more authoritative and serious business outlook in the face of your potential customers. Such authority can only be achieved through the Custom Website Development or update of your exiting company website.

2. Increase business visibility

Both online and offline businesses ranking on the first page of the main search engines like Google are always testifying about the massive traffic and sales such rankings bring their way. And you too can, but first, you need a professionally designed and interactive website. Otherwise, you are invisible to the online market. The saddest part is that you aren’t just invisible; you are also missing big on the already burgeoning online market. And being in a century where customers first search online before buying offline, you just can’t afford to be invisible.

3. It is cost effective

Understandably, most start-ups are cash strapped. With so much at hand and yet too little finances, each dime counts. Nonetheless, if they are to achieve any returns on investments, marketing has to be given priority. But it’s not just any other form of marketing. Unlike the traditional direct mails or newspaper and television ads for opening a business, you can do it from home if you have an appropriately customized website. If you are to achieve this level of exposure, you need a professional wholesale package in web development and maintenance as well as excellent multi-platform solution and technical support.

4. Helps you beat or catch up with competition

One of the best things about the internet is that it has a funny way of leveling businesses. In most cases, it isn’t about the size of the company behind the face of the website, but the professionalism involved in crafting the site. Professionalism and rich web content not the size of business gets you views and conversions. Therefore, your small startup can leverage on this grounds so as to catch up with big-name companies within the industry or even outshine them. If you have an established business website with continually dwindling website conversions, consider updating or redesigning your site.

5. Helps amplify your other online marketing strategies

From Pinterest to Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and Yelp; almost every business has an active marketing campaign on either or all of these platforms. But it all trickles down to the company website in the determination of sales conversations. Each of these marketing platforms, with their sales levels notwithstanding, should be used to complement a business site and not the vice versa.

Must have features for a new or active business website

Not long ago, website design involved no more than picking a suitable template, slapping your content on it, and waiting for it to rank. Today, however, different Google search algorithm changes have redefined the webs design sphere thereby making the entire process quite overwhelming. Nonetheless, when looking for a professional website designer, ensure they can include the following must have features into your new or updated company website:

  • Proper navigation tools
  • Incorporation of an SSL site security certificate
  • Social media integration tool to all your social media pages
  • Mobile friendly version
  • Reliable hosting

Bottom line

A custom website development is a great way of positioning your new business online. It not only helps you establish your brand and boost its visibility but also helps you site catch up with competition at an affordable price. Nonetheless, all these will not be possible if the custom website isn’t professionally designed to include all the must-have features such as security adherence and mobile-friendliness as per Google’ s terms of service. Take the first step towards an optimized business website or Custom Website Development in Toronto by calling us at +1 289-800-5363

Ecommerce Development Made Easy – WOOCOMMERCE vs. MAGENTO

When it comes to web development there are a lot of platforms and tools that can help you make your work easier. With Ecommerce Development platforms, the list is numerous. While searching for a tool you need to consider which one works best for your Ecommerce business. As businesses go online you need to create a website that satisfies both you and the customer.

WOOCOMMERCE and MAGENTO – Popular and Feature-rich

Woocommerce and Magento are both popular with great features. Each have their salient features which make them attractive for any business looking to create a successful online platform. For both tools there are die-hard supporters that will convince you that either of the platforms they support is the best.

In this article we will look at which tool is good for your business with the features provided. Consider the prices, security, performance beginner friendliness and product management. And you can decide which of the tools work best for your business.

WOOCOMMERCE – Pros and Cons

This is a platform designed for WordPress users to add the Ecommerce feature in their website.

  • Over 400,000 sites online are already on this platform.
  • Entails nearly every function and tools for your online store.
  • Supports extensions/plug-ins which can offers extra capabilities.
  • Enables vast variety of modules which means it is very helpful for any store
  • Features an extension system with plugins to do almost anything
  • With plugins you can pick any kind of payment processor, shipping and shopping cart functionalities
  • Huge number of themes produced both free and premium.
  • Apart from hosting expenses and domain name, setting up a website is free.
  • If you have had any previous experience with WordPress, it will be very easy for you to begin.
  • It has a good support team for any questions and very detailed documentation.
  • If you have purchased your own SSL certificate it has the platform for its support for extra security (https).
  • It has an extension that integrates with Google analytics so you can have a customized view for the traffic of your online store.
  • Premium themes and plug-in costs are expensive and can add up fast.
  • If you don’t have previous experience in word press you will need to learn which may take time.

Woocommerce is a very good ecommerce development platform for beginners especially if you have used WordPress before. It makes ecommerce experience fun and lenient. For those who have not used WordPress before will find a lot of tutorials online and detailed documentations.


Woocommerce is an open-source platform for you to run in any server. It is downloadable for free but premium plug-ins and themes are really expensive with annual or monthly subscriptions. There are also a number of hosting services that integrate with Woocommerce. Web hosting will depend with the size of your business.

MAGENTO – Pros and Cons

Unlike Woocommerce, Magento provides solutions mostly for companies and enterprises. Magento consists of community editions and enterprise editions (for large companies). Let us look at the community edition.

  • Has a themed layout system.
  • Its API’s integrate with any third party solutions.
  • Have beautiful well-created admin interfaces and product creation tools and plugins.
  • It supports vast number of business products.
  • With a good hosting service its scalability ensures that it can handle any kind of storefront even large ones.
  • Guest checkout is turned on by default, while the streamlined process ensures shopper’s checkout is really fast.
  • PayPal, Braintree and Authorizer are integrated very easily.
  • Magento is meant for developers and it may be a little hard for beginners and regular users.
  • The enterprise edition is really expensive due to the market they target.

Though there is an extensive documentation, it is not meant for total beginners. It is good for those shops, which have a future to grow big, but the users need to have to master the usage to benefit fully from its great features.


The Community version is open source and you will only incur the web hosting service. The enterprise version is very costly but it is worth the cost.

Ready to take your Ecommerce Development Platform to the next level?

As a beginner Woocommerce would be the right option for you. Especially if pricing is a concern, then you can definitely consider the same. On the other hand, if you have a large business, then we definitely recommend Magento ecommerce development platform due to the operability.

Whatever the platform, the choice falls on your needs. Both platforms offer the best online shop features

At Dot H Digital we are fully equipped to help you develop a robust, 21st century Ecommerce Platform with all industry leading capabilities.

Get in touch with Dot H Digital today.

WordPress Website Development Worth a Shot?

Powering more than 26% of websites across the globe, WordPress Website development stands as a top choice for small to medium sized businesses. With its simple yet powerful interface, maintaining a WordPress site is now easier than ever. In case you’re wondering whether you should use it or are looking for ways to pep up your existing WordPress platform, here are some pointers to help you out.

Why Should You get A WordPress Site?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should get a WordPress site.

It is Free of Cost :

It is Free of Cost : One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress platforms is the fact that it doesn’t cost you anything. Yes, you can build your website on WordPress for free, and the CMS won’t even charge you a penny. This money can be conveniently used for powering WordPress website design and development that’ll deck up your site and grab more attention of potential users. Since this platform is also open source, you can also tweak the codes for changing its functionality and interface.

Easy to Operate : Yes, you can practically start using your WordPress website from the moment you get it installed. The process doesn’t involve any configuration. You will, however, need to customize themes and the plug-ins. While this job is quite simple, you can always choose a professional web development company to get the design sorted on your behalf. Usually, most of the features of this platform will come with your installation. The site is automatically integrated to social media feeds and comments. So, since it is easy to manage for newbies, WordPress is s good choice for small and medium sized businesses.

SEO Friendly : Yet another major benefit of WordPress is the fact that it is search engine friendly. Leading search engine portals like Google and Bing usually rank WordPress powered websites higher than the other counterparts. This is usually because the CMS framework of WordPress makes it simpler for the search engine spiders to access and crawl the site. In 2009 itself, Matt Cutts from Google publicly endorsed WordPress.

Completely Safe : Unlike other leading content management systems, WordPress is completely safe to use. Being open source, the developers of this platform take stringent security measures for ensuring the trust of users. The in-house team of WordPress website development consistently update their CMS. They also tweak the plug-ins that are integrated on the site. So, in almost every case, using this platform is completely safe.

Customizable : One of the biggest highlights of WordPress is the fact that it comes with a range of highly customizable themes that are easy to handle and manage. The CMS itself has a range of existing themes. So, you can always explore your options to choose a theme that works best with your brand. Eventually, a good designer will help you to integrate that theme on your site.

How To Improve the Design of Your WordPress Site?

If you’re really looking to pep up your WordPress website, consider hiring a professional WordPress Design and Development Company. These platforms will look into your unique needs, thereby offering you just the kind of site you always wanted. The best part: maintaining your site and handling these new themes will be easier than ever! In case you’re still looking for design ideas, here’s what you can do.

Reduce the Size of the Images : One of the easiest ways to grab attention with your WordPress site’s theme is by reducing the size of the theme images. This will create a minimal yet lasting appeal on your site.

PHP Flush : By using PHP flush functions right next to your headers, you’d be able to conveniently boost the speed of your blog. In case you’re hesitant about doing this by yourself, consult a website designer to get the job done. Either way, it will enhance the appeal of your platform.

Update from Time To Time : The right updates won’t just ensure bug fixes, but they’ll also handle all functionality issues with ease. The best part: at times, they introduce a new set of features that completely transforms the look and feel of your site. So, always look out for the latest versions of themes and plugins and update them from time to time.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you know why WordPress website development is safe and why you should use it for powering your website, sign up for this CMS right away. Developing a WordPress and working on the subsequent designs is simple, easy and completely hassle-free.