Ecommerce Development Made Easy – WOOCOMMERCE vs. MAGENTO

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When it comes to web development there are a lot of platforms and tools that can help you make your work easier. With Ecommerce Development platforms, the list is numerous. While searching for a tool you need to consider which one works best for your Ecommerce business. As businesses go online you need to create a website that satisfies both you and the customer.

WOOCOMMERCE and MAGENTO – Popular and Feature-rich

Woocommerce and Magento are both popular with great features. Each have their salient features which make them attractive for any business looking to create a successful online platform. For both tools there are die-hard supporters that will convince you that either of the platforms they support is the best.

In this article we will look at which tool is good for your business with the features provided. Consider the prices, security, performance beginner friendliness and product management. And you can decide which of the tools work best for your business.

WOOCOMMERCE – Pros and Cons

This is a platform designed for WordPress users to add the Ecommerce feature in their website.

  • Over 400,000 sites online are already on this platform.
  • Entails nearly every function and tools for your online store.
  • Supports extensions/plug-ins which can offers extra capabilities.
  • Enables vast variety of modules which means it is very helpful for any store
  • Features an extension system with plugins to do almost anything
  • With plugins you can pick any kind of payment processor, shipping and shopping cart functionalities
  • Huge number of themes produced both free and premium.
  • Apart from hosting expenses and domain name, setting up a website is free.
  • If you have had any previous experience with WordPress, it will be very easy for you to begin.
  • It has a good support team for any questions and very detailed documentation.
  • If you have purchased your own SSL certificate it has the platform for its support for extra security (https).
  • It has an extension that integrates with Google analytics so you can have a customized view for the traffic of your online store.
  • Premium themes and plug-in costs are expensive and can add up fast.
  • If you don’t have previous experience in word press you will need to learn which may take time.

Woocommerce is a very good ecommerce development platform for beginners especially if you have used WordPress before. It makes ecommerce experience fun and lenient. For those who have not used WordPress before will find a lot of tutorials online and detailed documentations.


Woocommerce is an open-source platform for you to run in any server. It is downloadable for free but premium plug-ins and themes are really expensive with annual or monthly subscriptions. There are also a number of hosting services that integrate with Woocommerce. Web hosting will depend with the size of your business.

MAGENTO – Pros and Cons

Unlike Woocommerce, Magento provides solutions mostly for companies and enterprises. Magento consists of community editions and enterprise editions (for large companies). Let us look at the community edition.

  • Has a themed layout system.
  • Its API’s integrate with any third party solutions.
  • Have beautiful well-created admin interfaces and product creation tools and plugins.
  • It supports vast number of business products.
  • With a good hosting service its scalability ensures that it can handle any kind of storefront even large ones.
  • Guest checkout is turned on by default, while the streamlined process ensures shopper’s checkout is really fast.
  • PayPal, Braintree and Authorizer are integrated very easily.
  • Magento is meant for developers and it may be a little hard for beginners and regular users.
  • The enterprise edition is really expensive due to the market they target.

Though there is an extensive documentation, it is not meant for total beginners. It is good for those shops, which have a future to grow big, but the users need to have to master the usage to benefit fully from its great features.


The Community version is open source and you will only incur the web hosting service. The enterprise version is very costly but it is worth the cost.

Ready to take your Ecommerce Development Platform to the next level?

As a beginner Woocommerce would be the right option for you. Especially if pricing is a concern, then you can definitely consider the same. On the other hand, if you have a large business, then we definitely recommend Magento ecommerce development platform due to the operability.

Whatever the platform, the choice falls on your needs. Both platforms offer the best online shop features

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